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L.O.S.T. (League Of Sport Tourers) – INTRODUCTION

Welcome Aboard Everyone!
As the name depicts, we ride for the love of road, we ride for the beauty of exploring new places, and most importantly we ride to be LOST 🙂

L.O.S.T. is a riding group born from sheer passion for motorcycling whose main aim is to experience the thrill and joy of riding. A group where the rider is more important than the bike he rides, where safety is of utmost importance. Although members of this group have been riding together for over 4 years, we officially founded the group in 2013 and now made some new friends who share the same passion for motorcycle touring as we do. This website is dedicated to all the journeys done by L.O.S.T. members and the memories that are created on the way.

Stay Tuned & Ride Safe!

Group Protocol:

We encourage all riders to share their riding stories, be it past or current. To impart any advice or wisdom that will make us better riders or warn us from certain dangers on the road or situations that they personally experienced. Having the right knowledge goes a long way in making sure everyone returns home safe and secure, each and every time.

As this is a riding forum, any obscene or graphic images are requested not to be posted as this may be offensive to other riders in the group. In the same respect, we should refrain ourselves from speaking against any community, caste, group and prevent posting any kind of comment that may stir up an unnecessary argument. This is one place we would like to keep free of debates and unrequired politics. Really guys…. riding is one of the ONLY means of some genuine freedom that we can experience in what is otherwise a stressful and busy lifestyle. Let’s NOT spoil it for each other. Let’s not be nasty to each other in any way. Let us salute each other’s love for riding and find Unity in diversity.

For rider’s who are interested to join, we are looking for riders who would love to tour long distances, would be active in group & provided the new member owns a over 250cc bike. A new member can also be considered to be part of the group on being recommended by an existing member. However, as the unity and integrity of the group is of absolute importance, the existing member should ensure that the thought process and temperament of the new rider must be in sync to that of the group and the new member should be adequately briefed of the basic code of conduct and safety guide lines before he joins the group, which he assures to follow and abide at all times.

This is a group where all your opinions matters, and all your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to comment below in case you want to add your 2 cents 🙂

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