Anurag Bhandare

Name: Anurag Bhandare (A.k.a Nicky by riding fellows)

Favorite Pastime: Motorcycle touring, photography, gaming.

Occupation: I design buildings for a living (Architect ..)

Now that my formal introduction is done with, let me introduce myself. My name is Nicky, formally known as Anurag Bhandare. An architect by profession, with an immense passion for two wheels with engine in any form, and a guy with hobby of photography. Been riding since the age of 17 (yes, i know its illegal). Currently own a 2013 Ninja 650, baptized into touring since 2013. Come and follow us, and see the world through the lens of tourers as we share our experiences. SO!… See you around the corner…   😉

Green love.

Green love.

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