Bnay KS

Profession : Merchant Navy

Bikes Owned : Pulsar 150, RE Thunderbird 350, RE  classic 350, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Yamaha RX 100, Honda CB 1000R, Honda CBR1000RR (current ride)
I have been a fan of machines but somehow bikes appeal to me more than the cars. The very first moment I twisted the throttle I felt the thrill that I had never felt before. It was incomparable to any other thing in this world. A priceless moment in my life. In due course of time I started exploring different bikes. I used to ride a classic when I met the Xbhp riders. It was an amazing feeling. People who were so dedicated to this way of life which we all cherish. In one of the meet I met our own Sachin Nair. I liked his riding style. The leadership qualities and his dedication to the ride. Rode with him and made wonderful friends for life. Deepan , DK Bhau, Viraj, Puneet and the list goes on. The idea of LOST group had occurred to Sachin much before the groups name was decided. There is no selection procedure for LOST. There no guidelines or basic quality which we all had in mind. It was just to have the congregation of riders who are insanely mad about touring. Thus the name came into life. I am very fortunate to be around them. So much to learn from each of them. I wish to have many more miles where else can I go I can wander anywhere you for you should know that I am LOST now.



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