LOST 3rd Anniversary Ride | Tamhini Ghat

I’m starting off with being the flash and travelling back In time to last year which was LOST Anniversary ride to Koyna Dam and what a blockbuster it was. With members travelling at diff time slots to members travelling from great distances. The feeling was just mesmerizing.
Now coming to back to the present timeline, we were hoping to do the same. We had guest riders joining us to a bike running on steam *literally! well I’ll get back to that in due time. To give you who became part of the lost anniversary ride you have the list below. I’ll start off with lost members and later the guests.


  1. Sachin on Kawa Ninja 650. Apna Anna the Admin. Celeb of the biking world so you’ll know him.


















2. Nikunj aka John on Honda CBR 650F. Whenever he passes by he appreciates if you play dhoom dhoom dhoom. Luckily he still rides and hasn’t yet gone off the cliff.




































3. Maxson on his Kawa Ninja 650. He is the gentle giant and a great guide.

4. Pranav aka Talli on his Kawa Ninja 650 this guy can ride and drink and has no limit to any. Just like he doesn’t get tired riding he doesn’t get drunk drinking.

5. Abhilabh the lawyer of the group this time in the car. Last time he met a cop, he gave him a lecture on law education.

6. Riyank and Charmi, Charmi being from Found, which is the women’s division of LOST. Decided to come in his SX4 as he may or may not admit his RE gave way the previous night.


















7. Anurag and Pradnya, Pradnya being a Found members. Anurag aka Little Nicky took his Ninja 650 out after months and was riding to his heart’s content. This is the guy who helped me upgrade my riding skills.


















8. Avinash LOST’s official photographer who clicks beyond brilliant pics but manages to post multiple trailers of the same picture and we wait till death asking for the rest. This time wanted to have a good photo session and joined Riyank in the car.

9. Chinmay on Ninja 650. This guy has excellent skills and would put some of the kurla bantas to shame. As of now he is the only person I know who has done Rajmachi on a Yamaha Ray Z, that’s a scooty doing off-roading just FYI. DSC_1467


































10. Last but not least Sherman aka Mr.Wayne as Anna calls me(Only wish it was a hot chick saying it) on my Batpod aka the Duke 390. This was my time to know if I could manage with a pillion on a full ride and also Riyank’s challenge to me.































Guest Appearances:

1. Gaurav in his Chevy Beat. Now this bugger has done some good rides with us. Unfortunately, wasn’t too well to ride, but always welcome as company matters.


















2. Harsh on his Suzuki Gixxer 150 SF. This guy is Charmi’s little brother but that’s how far the little goes, cause if you see his riding, may have balls of steel to have that level of skill, only wonder what he could do with a bigger capacity bike.


















3. Pavan Pal on his New Red Pulsar 200 RS. Mostly a part of Avinash’s other riding group this like just disappears like the scarlet speedster. DSC_1474


































4. Abhishek another Duke 390 owner with God level skill, from wheelies to cornering in heavy rain. May become the MM of lost as Rossi tag is already taken by Vaibhav.




















5. Anmol on the Pulsar 200 NS another brilliant rider. On or offroad this guy has no fear and is only focussed on having fun and enjoying every bit of the ride.

6. Neil on his RC 390. With a story similar to mine fed up with his Classic RE 500 gave it and picked a KTM and now a happy owner. This is a guy ever-ready battery when it comes to a ride.

7. Sunil on the FZ along with having one of the oldest and lower cc bikes used to disappear in the mirror but always find him waiting for us at the junction. I honestly feel this guy can teleport. *NightClawler.

8. Kavita she is a part of Found. And joins regularly with Max. Unfortunately Max had a back issue so she had to face the fear of going pillion with me.




































9. Rahul Karkera on his RE TB 500. This guy is the owner of MOTO 101, so get hold of him. We were lucky enough that he took a break from his busy schedule and joined our anniversary ride. And for a RE he was keeping up with us considering his fuse blew up 4 times.

Now since you got the know the riders lets get on with our LOST ANNIVERSARY RIDE to TAMHINI.

We were all waiting for this ride like hungry infants at a dinner table. And the wait was worth it. The Starting point was to meet at Palm Beach road Vashi below the bridge. I am lucky I have a friend who calls and wakes me up cause I needed that as I was out late the previous night collecting LOST badges which I had placed an order for and was trying to fix Riyank’s RE. Neil and I started off from Kanjurmarg at around 6:30 am with wet slippery roads. He was lucky his metzys warm up fast, I was taking it east on my PSD’s. As we reached Palm Beach Anna passed us showing off the power of his Ninja 650. Some of the guys were already there and we waited for the rest. It was an overwhelming feeling meeting all after what seemed like years. The last time all of us were together was at Maxson’s place having a few drinks and BBQ. Max Hint!!! *We need to do this again. John with a few guys waited behind as they were expecting 2 more riders and the rest of us started the ride.   We decided to head via Panvel city. This was my 1st time with pillion so I was trying to get adjusted to the difference in handling on the bike. Straight roads were a bliss. The corners and specially the bad patch of road was more like a work out.  Weird part was I felt I was a part of a Limca ad if you remember Sushma Reddy being splashed on with water dancing in the rain. Just that I was riding had Kavita as pillion and most of all I dint have a Limca bottle to enjoy the sweet nectar.  And this happened with almost every truck/tempo or pickup I tried to overtake. Did not happen with the guys in front of me neither behind me. On the other hand Riyank was in Fast & Furious mode where he tried to overtake Pavan Pal on a turn and almost cut him off and took him off the road. Pavan’s balls were in his mouth and almost went splat like Cadbury Shot. As we continued on the ride I had a major Issue of my helmet visor fogging up thanks to the heavy rain and my extremely warm body temp which makes people feel I’m running a permanent fever. So I had to stop and remove the balaclava off. This helped to a great extent. As Kavi was sitting for the very 1st time with me I also had to make sure she was comfy more so because it’s on a Duke. I Passed Nicky as he seemed to lack confidence, It was frightening even to me as this was the guy who kinda taught me how to ride. Meanwhile we managed to reach Khopoli. Our chai stop and a small break before we went ahead, also we had to wait for John and his pals. The KAKA at the store must me be one happy person because we ordered over 20 teas and similar numbers of vada pavs. *A small secret about LOST- Where ever we go to eat, we make sure we annihilate their stock!!!. So places that have a buffet system fear us and place that offer à la carte can’t seem to get enough of us. I think that would be ¼ of the amount of Vada pavs he must me selling in a day. DSC_1331 DSC_1332 DSC_1396 DSC_1416 DSC_1439


















































































































After about 40 mins we decided to continue as we did not want to get too late. Harsh had some Issue with his SF, not revving high so Gaurav advised him to keep the choke on. As we continued the roads got worse. It felt like a milder version of Rajmachi just replaced with more gravel and potholes which in this case were craters. The seats of the duke which are like wooden planks from a school bench weren’t making things easy for me or Kavi. I have to say this woman Is in a different league to sit for an entire ride on a duke that too as a pillion. I could see Gaurav and Chinmay Riding as if they were born for this and was a race between MM & JL. Max was in front of me talking to Kavi over scala and we were just concern cause of his back. Meanwhile Riyank coaxed me to go faster as he always felt duke can’t take pillion so I decided to disappeared from his site.  As we rode ahead Max took to the side and stopped. We told the rest of the group to go ahead and Riyank stopped with us. He started having a major back ache so much so he wanted to lie down on the road. I asked if someone should go back with him as he decided to ride back from there this as approx. 11 km from Khopoli. He said he would be fine and turned around. I had told Max for a 6’3 frame guy doing acrobats isn’t good but never listened. We continued the ride hoping that he reached back safely. Hardly a KM ahead Harsh was stranded. Same Issue that he faced at Khopoli but it had gotten worse. Talk about disaster running in the family. Riyank’s Re’s fuel pipe becoming lose and Harsh’s bike losing power and misfiring. It seemed like water had entered the engine. I advised Harsh to keep a low steady throttle till we find a mechanic and that seemed to do the trick, as the bike was in motion again and further down we found a mechanic at Pali village. Now this place is exactly opposite the Pali we find in Bandra. The mechanic Seeing the new Gixxer 150 SF had the same expression as that of a kid trying to experiment with coke and mentos. Lucky for us it was nothing explosive. He opened the seat and removed a piece of cloth and the bike docs and started the bike. It seemed to do fine. He said the issue was cause of the cloth chocking the air intake. Well the bigger surprise was that someone at the service outlet had replaced the 1st aid kit with the cloth. As we continued to check the problem came up again and this time the mechanic said it’s because of moisture in the spark plug. I had told him from the very beginning please have a check as water must have gotten mixed with the petrol but no, he wanted to experiment. He replaced 5 spark plugs from 4 different bikes including getting a new one from a store. And the issue seemed to be like your Ex who refuses to go away. Finally he opened the Engine base and extracted petrol and to his surprise out came almost 1&1/2 ltr of water. This is why I mentioned earlier that the bike ran on steam. Suzuki you’ll have built something different. Now either his bike has some extreme leakage issue or water got in while refuelling. After 2 hours of wait and draining the complete system. We refuelled and headed towards the others, as they had found a nice shelter to enjoy the rain along with something to eat and I was starving cause “that’s my secret I’m always hungry!”. When We met the others we came to know that Anna took a wrong route and reached NH17 that’s Mumbai-Goa highway before they returned back to this place. Well one disaster or the other, delay seemed very much unavoidable.

We all got together and started again. Around 5 kms down we came across a river crossing, well don’t worry there was a bridge built over it. This wasn’t an off-road adventure, it was a smooth ride. We all agreed to stop here and have a nice photo session. Now was the time for our Avya to shine and prove his metal. Meanwhile all of us got our smart phones out and turned in to struggling photographers. Most of us focussing on getting the right shot of our bike, the rest were on to be the selfie king/queen. Chinmay was busy with drifts and Gaurav was having a hard time keeping his front tyre on the road. Few us took by the side of the stream as the flow was too strong one wrong step and you would turn into a human kayak. After some amazing shots, you will see what I am saying once Avi uploads the pics, we headed further upwards. We saw a drunk guy fallen one the road. Its rightly said “ its not who you are within but what you do that defines you”!!!. Amol stopped his bike and woke the guy up and helped him to the side of the road away from danger, Salute Bro. By the time we reached on top I was starving and could eat an entire goat. When we reached the top of the Ghat and it was crowded. Amazing waterfall but we did fear the safety of our bikes and felt its no use stopping as it felt like in an ants hill. So we headed back to a hotel to eat. For me it couldn’t get any worse as even when we found food it was all veg. I was like common. Just before this Avinash was talking about Malvani desi chicken. This was literally a kick in the nuts. But being hungry 6 rotis and paneer and soup did the job. Meanwhile it was time to give away the badges. To my surprise even those who weren’t a part of lost and dint order paid and bought the badges. It showed that this group really is something. Hats off Anna. Rahul too wasn’t having a good day as he replaced the fuse of his RE once. Well read the article by Akhil “10 reasons I would never buy an enfield”!!! you will have your answer. DSC_1468 DSC_1478 DSC_1485 DSC_1492 DSC_1504 DSC_1507 DSC_1510 DSC_1512 DSC_1515 DSC_1528 DSC_1551 DSC_1571 DSC_1579 DSC_8485 IMG_0077 IMG_0087 IMG_0097 IMG_0116 IMG_0123 IMG_1608 IMG_1613 IMG_1635 IMG_1647 IMG_1676






































































































































































































































































































































































































































After some burps, some pics and some suttas we started our journey back the guys with the cars had left 15 mins before us. I now seemed to get the hang of the bike with the pillion. Some of the guys raced ahead few of us left behind. Again like always Talli and me were lost along with Neil and Pavan. On the return we had to take a left as the road ahead was one way and we decided to go the wrong way. This saved 15 mins of our time and we managed to overtake Riyank. Some fool on the pulsar thought he could fool with us and Pawan and me nodded at each other and got this guy stuck behind a truck. The 4 of us reached Khopoli and were wondering where was every one. On calling Anna we found out that again Anna led the rest of the group to NH17 AGAIN!!!. This has been happening from the last 2 ride. Sachin in it’s true sense is getting lost or he is purposely taking the name a bit too seriously. The cars arrived after 10 mins and the rest of the group too almost an Hour. Some chai and samosa seems to be good companions. Talli left as he had to reach Andheri by 8. The downpour of rain hadn’t stopped and it seemed like a cloud burst. Just hoping that when we reach Mumbai soon and we use our bikes like bikes and not jet skis. The entire way from Khopoli to Panvel it was raining and once we took the Panvel exit. The road from Kalamboli to Palm beach was packed with traffic and at certain stretches the exhaust of the duke and the RC were in water, Luckily the pressure from the exhaust is so high water force isn’t enough to enter the exhaust. KTM baba ki jay. As I entered palm beach I hit reserve. The 1st petrol pump was closed and so was the next. Finally I met Nicky and he pointed to another petrol pump on palm beach and I asked him to head home as I would get delayed cause I had to top up and drop Kavi at sect 17. So 15 mins to fill and get the wallet out cause of the rain. Then dropped Kavi off at her car at sect 17 and gave her instructions how to each Andheri which she clearly dint use cause google maps are better. As I headed home via Airoli. Weirdly I caught up with Nicky and passed him as I needed to take a desperate leak. But Seriously what has happened to my part time guru of riding. I Reached home and tried to call up few guy that I had invited from my end to see if they were safe, which they were and enjoyed the ride. They also asked if they could ride again with LOST. Well its then that you realise that we at LOST are a small group who love to enjoy rides and places and food and that passion shows. I took a bath and my feet looked like that of a dead body from a morgue.

In all a Fawsome experience. Suzuki if any want some input and tips on they steam engine please contact Harsh, but being a Gujju will surely charge for it. Rahul did have another 2 fuses blown off on return. Welcome to the world of RE. LOST or Found or whatever or whoever you are, its simple, if you love doing something be NIKE *just do it. Don’t hold anything back. Because tomorrow you will be known for the life you lived not how much money you made.

If you have any suggestions, please do write in to us. One lucky winner will get a special Invite so complete the sentence with the next place to visit. “LOST in ……………………….”!!!

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