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Day 3 | 21 Dec 2015 | Jhansi to Kushinagar

  • Route: Jhansi – Orai – Kanpur – Faizabad – Basti – Gorakhpur – Kushinagar
  • Distance: 640 Kms
  • Road Condition: Bad roads start 10 kms before Orai and continue all the way till Kanpur. Be careful not to take the big flyover before Kanpur as it leads to Allahabad. Frustrating Kanpur city traffic all the way till Lucknow. Lucknow to Kushinagar – Excellent 4 lane highway.
  • Stay: Hotel Pathik Niwas (UPSTDC), Kushinagar

Today we were in for some fun. Fun as in riding on bad roads, abusing people inside our helmets and so on. You know what I mean! The ride progressed fine on a nice hazy morning till we reached Orai from where the fun part begins. The road had godzilla foot sized craters and undulations throughout the road due to the heavy containers and lorries driven here I assume. The craters are so big that if by any chance your front rim or rear for that matter goes in that, it’s GAME OVER. With some luck and lot of patience the entire group managed to cross this horror patch without any dramas only to meet a new surprise.

Once the good road began before Kanpur, we were welcomed by a flyover which once you enter is actually a never ending flyover with butter smooth tarmac which by passes entire Kanpur city and actually takes you to Allahabad rather than Lucknow where we were suppose to head. After crossing that flyover we realised we had travelled 15 kms in wrong direction from our itinerary. We had no choice but to turn back and ride 15 kms to enter Kanpur city. Kanpur city is much like riding in Sakinaka, Mumbai during peak hours. Honking horns everywhere, bikers and every other moving soul crying for every inch of space the road has to offer. This was by far the most frustrating part of today’s ride. I lost my patience as my defensive and sane riding was not matching up to the chaos I was in and decided to ride like one of them. Yeah! That’s what the road did to me, it turned me into a roadside Rossi for some distance until sense prevailed in me and I was back to my normal state.

Meet & Greet with Roaring Indians Group, Lucknow: We had received immense help last year during our Bhutan ride from Roaring Indians group member, Rishabh Katiyar when 2 of our Ninja’s had broken fork seals. Rishabh helped us navigate to KTM Lucknow outlet and arranged everything before we arrived.

Luckily he was free to meet us this time too and along with his riding buddy Asad Lari who rides a Harley Street 750 we rode in Lucknow city together where we halted for a nice lunch in Hotel Food Hunt. The owner of the restaurant, Shivam had an accent to remember (PUN INTENDED) and something which was even more unforgettable was what we ate there. Shivam insisted us to try the ‘Pizza Indica’ which was truly one of the most delicious pizza I have ever had (not kidding). I would recommend everyone visiting Lucknow to halt here just to taste the pizza, it’s incredibly tasty. Other members of the RI group we met were Andrew James (xbhpians shall remember him as the first Biker of the Year Winner) and Prakhar. It was a pleasant outing and we bid adios to the RI team post lunch with a promise that LOST will plan a night halt in Lucknow next time we come here.

The ride from Lucknow to Kushinagar is exactly opposite of what we went through from Jhansi to Lucknow. The roads were well paved and we could easily cover distances at a much faster pace. Today owing to a lot of bad roads and an elongated lunch session in Lucknow we had to ride for 4 odd hours in night and it took some effort to make it to Kushinagar but the group was very positive on reaching the target for the day and eventually it felt good after we made it to Kushinagar.

IMG_2580 IMG_4466 IMG_4468

Chaurasi Gumbad, Kalpi

Chaurasi Gumbad, Kalpi

IMG_2591 DSC_3019

Ride with Roaring Indians riding group from Lucknow

Ride with Roaring Indians riding group from Lucknow

The special lunch location in Lucknow :)

The special lunch location in Lucknow 🙂

The delicious Pizza Indica at Hotel Food Hunt, Lucknow

The delicious Pizza Indica at Hotel Food Hunt, Lucknow


Lunch with Roaring Indians, Lucknow

Lunch with Roaring Indians, Lucknow

Ride Click Eat Sleep... Repeat

Ride Click Eat Sleep… Repeat

Night shot of Ninja 300 & CBR650F at Kushinagar

Night shot of Ninja 300 & CBR650F at Kushinagar

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    Hi Sachin
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  2. Shilpa says:

    Wayyyyy to goooo LOST! 🙂 breathtaking views 🙂 thanks for sharing

  3. Shubham says:

    Hey guys. Great write up and amazing photographs. When would you be updating the further parts of the article or was this the end of the travelogue? I hope not! Would love to see more amazing photographs and read more of your experiences from this ride! 🙂

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