Maxson Lewis

Straight roads are just a means to get from one corner to another. The corner in this case could well mean the chicanes or different ends of your riding destination. – I ride by that maxim.

My name is Maxson Lewis, and when I am not riding, I am cycling, onto some DIY or something whacky but essentially keeping myself-busy…living not existing. My self-owned biking adventures started with my Pulsar 180 cc (blue, with the original round headlights). She was my companion on solo rides to the middle of nowhere. Typical rides started at 3 am in the morning with no destination in mind and by the end of the day finding myself 100s of kilometres away. Mahabaleswar, Goa, Nagpur – these destination in those single lane days was always an adventure. Riding 45kms on a flat tyre (if anyone even remembers non tubeless days) on a remote road at 5 kmph. But never ever did my bikes let me down.

Then corporate life happened to me and my unchartered rides reduced. It was my wife, Reema who got me into biking all over again. While she always wanted me to get the Yamaha R1, it was the Ninja 650 which caught our collective attention and finance and truly so. Matheran, Mahableswar, Nagpur, Goa, Mangalore and the runs have just started.

Live life to the MAX…


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