Nikunj Kosambi

It all started at age of 13 when the motorcycles made the entrance in my life…for good. My dad was a motorcycle enthusiast himself, knowing that – my mom gifted him an Enfield Zundapp Explorer (Apparently, the first motorcycle in India with a windshield, mag wheels, turn indicators, a long wheelbase and low center of gravity and yes, also a tachometer!) when they got engaged. Goes without saying, my dad protected and cared for that motorcycle A LOT! I used to see him take care of the motorcycle all by himself, even repaired and serviced it himself. He used the motorcycle with utmost care, taking care of the little bits and some serious stuff alike– heck, I remember he once even dismantled the whole motorcycle, worked on the engine and gearbox and what not, repainted it to BLACK (Yeah, SWAG!), put the bike together with no outside help and rode it like he’s gonna ride the same motorcycle for a lifetime. He used the motorcycle for years and years to come only to lose it in the July 2006 deluge – his prized possession had given up. After 21 years of being with him like a loyal friend, the Explorer had finally given up.

During these years, my dad also owned another beautiful Red Explorer and a Suzuki AX 100. So yes, he was truly a motorcycle man and I guess that’s from where I got the motorcycle keeda in me. I was 13 years old when I started to ride a motorcycle, thanks to my dad. I used to ride only in our small society compound but never took it out on the roads. Years passed, I gained courage and confidence and started riding motorcycles out on the roads, and FAST :p – I was kind of notorious in my locality but I didn’t care because I was happy. From those days itself I figured the thing that gives me freedom and much happiness is a motorcycle. There was no looking back then.

I bought my first motorcycle – TVS Apache 150 in 2007. In 2010 I bought another motorcycle – TVS Apache RTR 180 and finally in 2013 longing for more power and speed, I bought myself a Kawasaki Ninja 300 on which I toured and put in decent number of kilometers under my experience. Since Kawasaki Ninja is a special motorcycle and not many of them are seen on the road, we had created an owners group to get together, to know each other and discuss about the Ninja. On one such forum I met Viraj, a member of LOST. He invited me to a ride with few of his friends to Kasara Ghats and back – and since he and I had got our respective Ninjas during the same time period , plus we wanted to complete the running-ins ASAP to experience the true potential of this Japanese masterpiece, I said, yeah why not, I’ll join in. The next morning I geared up and head straight to the meeting point where Viraj and Avinash (also a LOST member) and a few other riders greeted me. We had a very pleasant leisurely ride and all in all a very good experience riding with these guys. I guess impressed by my riding skills 😛 Viraj recommended and got me added to this group – LOST!

I’ve traveled more than 6 digit kilometers on motorcycles, riding solo and in groups but to be honest, I’ve never come across such a group with such exceptional and skilled riders. Each one of them is fun to be with and basically are very good human beings. I mean we have it all, we have excellent photographers, we have good cooks, we have guys who exceptional writers, and we have very hospitable guys and as a bonus all of them are skilled riders– nothings missing. I am lucky to be riding with you guys – Thank you LOST! From those small breakfast rides to a very well-coordinated bachelor’s party ride to Goa I’ve been having so much fun and cherishing so many memories putting in kilometer after kilometer riding with you guys. Hope we continue to ride together in this close-knit group of ours for many many years to come.

A lot of people ride to commute from point A to point B. I am glad we’re not one of them. We’re a bunch who ride for an experience, who love to travel and go places just as to ride more and soak in all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer.

After all, Not All Those Who Wander are LOST! 😀

Keep Revving!


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  1. Interesting. Proud of u my friend☺

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