Om Vaikul

Fortunate I’m that one day just after the H.S.C. board exams a friend of mine asked me, ‘Hey let’s head for a trek to Lohagad Fort this Sunday!’ It was by chance that we missed our bus in the morning and found ourselves in a dilemma. What to do we were trying to figure out and the first thought that arose was, ‘Why not ride there itself on our bikes!’ We ride anyways to college so how hard it can be!

That one twist gave birth to an amazing privilege time in my life and made me what I’m today. Hence so wisely they say ‘Travel Teaches’. And travel on a motorcycle teaches a lot.

Motorcycle became the ultimate medium to tread anywhere on the land beyond my home. It is where the whole truth of who you are is revealed!

The times on the saddle has brought me in touch with many amazing people and dozens of clubs & communities. And so one fine day I found my place in LOST where I can drop my guard and stand true to thyself.


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