Sherman Fernandes

Sherman aka Mr Wayne

Bikes Owned : Kinetic Honda, Bajaj Chetak 1985, Mahindra Rodeo, Hero Impulse, Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm, KTM Duke 390 aka The Batpod.

My dad being an engineer have lived and grown among engines! Like every Goan in the 90’s, I had a Kinetic Honda, that’s the scooter I learnt to ride a bike on and it was somewhere in the 5 std while going for swimming classes. I learnt to drive in the 4th std when we had a Maruti 800 on a short trip to Daman in a church compound. Parents were never in support of biking, so I was always pushed towards cars. But my obsession kept increasing whether 4 wheels or 2. Used to beg dad for the keys of his Chetak or till the recent rodeo but i never got them. My 1 BHK aka Tata Safari aka Batmobile seemed to be the only way for me. Around years back I had joined Mercedes Benz for speciality sales and that required a lot of running around which was not possible in the car as we all know how Mumbai traffic is. But by slogging my ass off, I was able to get a good incentive one month and was on a hunt for a bike. Almost bought the Yamaha FZ just for city commuting as that was the style bike those days, I came across hero outlet and tried the Impulse. The ease with which the cleaner who was a relatively short guy took the bike up and down the stairs impressed me and it was love as 1st ride! And that my friends started my biking life. Not to forget I did learn to ride a bike thanks to a few friends i.e Keith, Anurag and Sandesh who were very supportive when I was in college. Yes unlike the bikers I know, I have I guess the smallest background in biking, this was just 3 yrs back, Biking craze continued with my friend Anurag and a year later I ended buying the classic 500 desert storm. Nicky aka Anurag always asked me to join him but I declined as my Impulse was n’t very fast. But once I got the 500 I agreed and that’s on one of the rides got to meet a whole lot of amazing people and that’s how I bumped into Anna (Sachin Nair). I was known as the only Enfield that rode with sports oriented bikes. But Anna was very supportive. Sachin was introduced to me by Nicky as this celeb of the biking community but on the 1st ride I met a great friend. That’s how I got introduced to LOST. Its been over great year as a part of the Lost Family. Sadly my life with the RE was short lived as it had a lot of issues. With a lot of advice from Anna and support from Nicky and Glinfy I got rid of the RE and picked the KTM Duke 390 aka The Batpod, and Thats how Anna gave me the Name Mr. Wayne!!!!.  Just 11 months old and it has done over 21000 km. That’s my story so far. I may not know much about bikes or cornering or chicken strips …..but I do know one thing, my obsession with biking has just seen the start of it!!!!!  Untill I rise sorry ride again!!!


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