Shreyash Malani

Riding: What made me start doing it? Why do I ride? How does it make me feel? These are the questions I am still trying to find answers for. The simplest reason that I can give is, IT MAKES ME HAPPY. It makes me “ME”. I am proud of it. It is that one thing which is very close to me and I could never ever give up.

What made me start doing it?

My history with bikes…….. is NOT that long. In 2010 I got my 1st bike, Pulsar 180, as a gift from my parents. I used the bike mainly for commute and to occasionally go to Lavasa or NDA Road with my friends in Pune. But the actual reason I bought the bike was because I wanted to experience speed. Back then I used no safety gears apart from helmet. Now when I think of it I feel stupid, Thank God I had sense to wear a helmet at least. No one in my entire family or even distant relatives were associated with bikes. It was something I stumbled upon. On one small trip with my friends to Raigad we had stopped at McDonalds at Shiv Khedpur on the NH4. There I met a bunch of riders with bikes like Hayabusa, CBR1000 etc. Later these guys gave us a nice fly by at around 150 kmph and the vibes that came off the ground made me feel, FUCK, let’s buy me a powerful bike. I promised myself, within 5 years of my job I’ll buy a big bike for me 🙂 Do note that the primary motive was still speed. That is what made me start riding but as time passed I did lots of small trips on my pulsar. I matured as a rider. I got all the safety gears and with time it was no longer just about speed. I wanted something more than just speed. The desire was now to explore.. to wander.. to be LOST.

Finally, two years in the job I bought Ninja 650 (2013 model). I got to meet bunch of other Ninja 650 owners including Sachin and Nicky. Did quite a few solo rides on the Ninja. On one marvelous day, the celebrity Anna aka Sachin, asked me whether I would like to join his kin. At that moment I was like, Why not, after all I always wanted to be a part of the group. In December 2014 I became a part of LOST and that is when the real group riding started for me. I’ll call LOST my riding home 🙂 and I am looking for many many more wonderful memories with LOST.

Now to answer the mystery question.. Why do we ride? Well, why do we do anything? Because we love doing it. For me the below statement sums up the reason for why I ride.

“Sometimes you find yourself in middle of nowhere and sometimes … in the middle of nowhere

you find yourself.” And so I ride to find “Me”.


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