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Chinmaya Kar

Hi there!! To talk about me, my name is Chinmaya Kar, and I am a humble IT professional, whose passion is into bikes, but as they say “Born to ride, forced to work”. I love bikes & cars, but bikes...

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LOST 3rd Anniversary Ride | Tamhini Ghat

I’m starting off with being the flash and travelling back In time to last year which was LOST Anniversary ride to Koyna Dam and what a blockbuster it was. With members travelling at diff time slots to members travelling from...

View of the majestic Zuluk loops from Thambi view point 5

LOST in Sikkim

Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Best part about being a biker is that you get to fill your mind with dreams and bring all your fantasies to life. If you are a speed demon all you gotta do is head to a race...