Varun Painter

Someone correctly said “Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”

Well, it did cause that is what has inspired me to be where I am right now. My obsession with two wheels began with right when I laid my eyes on a cycle. That feeling of absorbing all elements around you makes it all the more special. From a cycle I graduated to a Hero Honda Splendor. People say riding a motorcycle is an easy task. Let me tell you that it isn’t. It requires all your senses to work correctly at all times. It is a skill that requires polishing of the highest quality.

After the Splendor, came my first bike the Karizma R. Total eye candy and one of the best bikes that India has ever seen. Ruled the past decade with sheer dominance. Rode her for about 3 years and put 35k kms.

At present I own a CBR 250R which has been a mile muncher and my better half most of the time. Taken me to places without uttering even a single complaint. Sturdy as F**K and smooth as a Latinas ass, there has never been a time where I regretted having her.

I have always believed in one thing, the thrill and the elemental freedom is something that you will never get in a four wheeler and hence I chose a bike. People often get dissed about me going for such an expensive machine but the feeling that I go through every time I rev her up is undeniably beautiful.

With biking comes brotherhood and I am really lucky to have such great people around me. Advice, tips and things that make me a better rider have always been appreciated byme.

As I look at the coming year, I will bade goodbye to the CBR and lay my hands on something much more better, powerful and definitely something that every biker wants in their garage.

Cheers to all the motorheads out there.


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